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AO (All without) stands for unprotected sex and is accordingly not without risk

Those who sleep with their partner in the "all without" or AO variant do without a Condom. What may sound passionate at first is - especially in the age of Aids or HIV - extremely dangerous. Without the use of a condom, other people can of course also become infected. STDs spread quickly.

Particularly tricky: not everyone who HIV positive is also aware of this. Therefore, it may well be that he infects his partner. Especially in connection with one-night stands or similar adventures, "AO" should definitely be avoided. Even many couples who have been together with their partners for a long time consciously refrain from "all without" in order not to endanger each other.

However, "AO" still plays a special role in the porn industry today.

Many gays find it particularly erotic to watch couples (or groups) having sex without a condom. However, reputable production companies take regular HIV tests for granted and thus manage to protect their performers as far as possible.

In addition, however, the enormously high quality and sensitivity of condoms naturally also ensure that there should no longer be any real reason to do without this important protection.

However, a look at the possible ways of transmitting the HIV virus and at the statistics of the health authorities and the Robert Koch Institute should show how important it is to be cautious especially with regard to sex and - despite all the passion - also to let reason prevail.