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The abbreviation AV stands for anal intercourse


Anal sex or AV refers to penetration of the partner's anus. However, it is a prejudice that AV is practised exclusively by homosexual couples. Many heterosexuals can also get excited about this special thrill.

However, to make anal sex fun, it not only takes a lot of trust, but sometimes also some aids. The best-known "extra" that is always mentioned in this context: lubricant. Lubricant gel can ensure that the penetration of the Penis' is perceived as significantly more pleasant.

If you also want to combine AV with oral sex, you should - for hygienic reasons alone - also abstain from a Anal shower set.

Furthermore, it goes without saying that condoms should always be used in order to STDs prevent. Of course, this does not only apply to gayScene.

The range of positions in the context of which Anal sex is extremely large. Particularly popular here are the spoon position and the Doggy Style. These positions usually allow not only particularly comfortable but also comparatively deep penetration.

Of course, AV still plays a big role in gay porn. But it would also be wrong to define gay sex exclusively in this way. Even though this is a real classic, there are many other ways to have sex with each other or to satisfy each other.

Which aspect is ultimately perceived as particularly stimulating in AV is up to the preferences of each individual. Mostly it is the combination of a "special feeling" and the stimulation of the Prostate, which is necessary for a Orgasm provides.