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Barebackers are into unprotected anal sex


Barebackers can do nothing or not much with protected sex. Instead, they are enthusiastic about unprotected anal sex and are therefore looking for like-minded people. However, despite all the passion and lust, it should never be forgotten that this is a delicate undertaking.

Because: without Condom is the risk of becoming involved with STDs or infections of various kinds is extremely high. This does not only apply to classic one-night stands. If you want to take precautions here, you should show responsibility towards yourself and your acquaintances or partner and take appropriate precautions.

Many Barebacker are not aware of the enormous risk of infection. They are either looking for spontaneous adventures or practise anal sex without Rubber with their affairs.

The information campaigns on condoms, such as those conducted in the 1980s and 1990s, should have ensured that everyone was aware of the seriousness and explosive nature of the issue.

Often, barebackers only wake up when one of their acquaintances or friends suddenly tests HIV-positive.

However, even passionate barebackers have to admit that the - literally - colourful range of condoms now ensures that passion, fun and safety can be combined. Thanks to especially feel-proof materials and - on request - different flavours, has Safer Sex rarely been more fun. The barebacker's "excuses" for speaking out in favour of not using condoms are therefore likely to run out.

By the way: it would of course be wrong to regard barebackers as selfish or drive-driven per se. Often it is the wrong assessment of the overall situation that leads to the Bareback Sex leads.