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Bastonade belongs to the particularly popular BDSM practices

BastonadeAnyone who has seen the inside of an SM studio in the past knows the bastinado. Here, the passive part is tied to a pipe, a beam or a similar device. Characteristically, his feet are tied tightly together. Then the active part begins to beat him. Optionally, and depending on taste, different aids such as a whip or similar can be used. come. There are virtually no limits to the imagination here.

Of course, the intensity of the strokes can also be varied. Beginners like to start comparatively moderately here and then gradually increase.

Even though the scenario with the beam may sound rather rigid, there are many different ideas that can make the scenario around the bastinado even more varied. For example, it is entirely up to personal taste how high the beam is hung and in which position it is placed.

Sex practices of this kind are often offered in studios - if only for reasons of space. Here you will usually find all the toys you need to make the sex practice even more individual. However, it is almost always the mix of physical pain and humiliation that excites the participants. Of course, you can also choose between "active" and "passive" can be changed.

Tip: as with other BDSM- As with other S&M practices, it is also a good idea to agree on a code word with your partner. This can either indicate that the beating should not be too intense or that it is time to untie the passive part again.