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BB is the abbreviation for Bareback, i.e. anal sex without rubber

Bareback BB

The abbreviation "BB" stands for unprotected Anal sex. BB, or Bareback, can play a role in the gay scene in many ways. Many gay men feel that sex without Rubber (understandably) as extremely irresponsible, as various infections can be passed on here, including HIV, of course.

Nevertheless, many are not deterred by the BB. On the contrary! They love not only the danger, but also the pleasure and the excitement of the forbidden. BB has also become a sought-after service in the hustler scene, among others. The dark figure of those in favour is probably correspondingly high. Not everyone who likes to do without rubbers during sex likes to admit it.

Especially in committed partnerships, BB is considered "normal" for many gays. It would be important to keep in mind that - as is the case with heterosexuals - only a fling can ensure that infections are passed on.

BB also still plays a big role in porn. However, serious production companies try to protect their performers sufficiently with appropriate tests in advance.

One thing is certain: at the latest after the numerous awareness campaigns in connection with HIV and Aids should be clear to everyone how dangerous it is to refrain from wearing a condom during sex. It is still important to counter this risky trend with sufficient background knowledge and self-confidence. After all, the risk of transmitting infections can be reduced in this way.