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The bear flag has become an important symbol of the gay community, especially in the USA.

Bear flag

 If you are looking for classic symbols of the Gay Scene is comparatively quick to come across the bear flag. Compared to the rainbow flag, this one may seem a little more colourless, but it is definitely just as meaningful.

The flag has its roots in the USA, where the gay movement has played an important role for a long time. Gradually, the trend around the symbol spilled over into Europe and Germany. But what is actually behind the motif? A closer look shows: The bear flag contains different bear skin colours. From black to white, almost every "bear" nuance is represented here. A special eye-catcher is the bear paw in the upper left corner.

Over time, the bear flag became more and more of a cult. Some gays also read a very special code in it that could be used to transmit a special message.

About why the choice ultimately went to the Bears fell, one can speculate. Perhaps it is because the Bear, the hairy appearance of particularly masculine gay men, has always played an important role? Perhaps because the animal is associated with strength and power? What is certain is that the bear flag is an important message. It proves that the gay scene is not "only" colourful, but can also convey profound messages. Due to the fact that it is possible - with the help of the paw, among other things - to make individual statements here, many gays in this country also particularly enjoy wearing the flag on Christopher Street Day, among other occasions. With regard to the structure, the flag resembles the familiar "Leather Pride Flag".