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The Leather Pride Flag is for gays who are into BDSM.

The Leather Pride Flag belongs to the classic symbols of gay BDSM Community. It is used by gay people who, among other things, are interested in Leather, Bondage or SM and is considered by many to be a kind of "distinguishing feature".

This flag can come in different colours, but is always characterised by a red heart in the upper right corner.

The BDSM Fetish is - especially in the gay Scene - widespread. However, it is not always lived out in a particularly "extreme" way, for example with whips, electric toys, etc.. For some gays, it is also enough to inflict only slight pain on their partners and thus possibly even make them come. Orgasm to bring.

These days, the Leather Pride Flag not only plays in relevant clubs, but also at CSD parades and within the LGBTQ scene plays an important role. It allows gay men to display their own preferences - at least roughly. Similar to the Hanky Code the Leather Pride Flag also stands for special preferences and the chance to get closer to each other based on the same preferences.

If you want to be sure which fetish is indicated by the Leather Pride Flag, you should either ask the wearer or read up on the meaning of the individual colours. However, it would definitely be wrong to always associate this flag with extreme bondage games. The boundaries between Flower sex and Hardcore BDSM is more versatile than it might seem at first glance.