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Leather is the English word for leather.

Leather is the English word for Leather and is often, similar to Latex, inevitably with the BDSM Scene or sex. No wonder! This material certainly makes it onto the list of the most erotic materials ever.

Not only does it look good and sexy, but - by the way - it also feels great on the skin... Especially when nothing else is worn under the respective garment.

Many gays also love to wear leather exclusively for themselves. After all, depending on the fit, tightness and cut, exciting feelings can also be evoked under normal everyday clothing.

However, leather is not only used in clothes, but also in numerous sex toys. The whip made of leather elements is particularly popular here when it comes to combining a tender caress with hard strokes.

Anyone who decides to live a vegan life does not have to do without their very special "leather moment" these days. Many manufacturers now offer toys, clothes and the like on the basis of artificial leather.

This shows that although leather is a classic, time-tested material, it has interestingly not lost any of its fascination over the centuries. The mix of purism, feeling and hardness associated with the corresponding clothes and objects fascinates not only the followers of BDSM. Even with comparatively "tender sex" come leather elements are used now and then - and make for great orgasms.