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The nipples are among the most erogenous zones of all. Tit trimming means different stimulation techniques - from hard to gentle.

Titty trimming is part of classic everyday sex for both gays and straights. As the name suggests, this involves various stimulation techniques. For example, the nipples can be twisted or pulled during tit trimming. Here, personal taste and sometimes also the individual pain threshold is decisive.

Because: Titty trim, among other things, enjoys particular popularity in the BDSM The toys are particularly popular in this area. Those who want to stimulate a little harder can, for example, choose from a wide range of toys such as Nipple clamps and electro sex toys.

Many gays also find the tit trim particularly stimulating when their partner covers his nipples with a Piercing has decorated.

Especially at the beginning, it is usually always a good idea to approach the slightly harder variants of tit trimming comparatively slowly. Anything that goes beyond kissing and light nibbling can make the other person either extremely horny or cause unpleasant pain. Therefore, it is helpful to choose toys that can be individually adapted to your own taste.

Advanced tit trimming fans like to use toys that combine different types of stimulation. For example, there are nipple clamps that can be connected to dildos and other toys via a chain. There are only a few limits to the imagination. Most sex shops have a wide range of products for all gays who want to let off steam in the area of tit trimming.

Who just does not Toy has at hand, can of course always use his fingers and tongue as a substitute.