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A butt plug is a butt plug that can be used here like a dildo

 Butt Plug

Butt plugs are not only used in the Gay Scenebut also among straight men. With a butt Plug is (translated) a "butt plug" that is inserted into the anus during or before sex.

By the way, the terms "anal plug" and "anal plug" are used to describe the same sex. Toy Butt plugs can be found in almost every sex shop today. Butt plugs can be found in just about every sex shop today. Due to the special shape of the plugs, it is possible to insert them easily and use them either for stimulation or for widening. It doesn't matter if it's the first time or after several sex adventures: Butt plugs usually never get boring.

Alternatively, a little lubricant can be used for easier insertion (if desired). It is best to try out which variant is the most fun.

Conveniently, Butt Plus is available in several designs and sizes. Here, personal taste decides whether the small or the XXL version comes into question.

Butt plugs don't necessarily have to be removed again immediately. If you want, you can insert the plug and - for example during a blow job - simply leave it inserted. Depending on the size, type of insertion and individual preferences, it is possible that the climax will not be long in coming.

In most cases, the plugs can also be used in special places, for example in the bathtub or shower.