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Plug" is often used to abbreviate the anal plug, the so-called "butt plug". This is a popular sex toy.

In sex Toy Many gays find it in their assortment: the plug, the anal or the Butt Plug. This is a special accessory that can be used, among other things, to stretch the anal area before sex and so prepare for the penetration of the Penis' to prepare.

However, many gays also use the plug for masturbation or in connection with foreplay ideas.

Due to the special shape of the plug, users are free to decide how far they want to stretch the anal area. The "basic rule" is: the deeper the plug is inserted, the larger the hole.

Especially when the plus is moved back and forth in rhythm, this is a great toy that can help increase pleasure even more.

If you feel like inserting the plug even further, you can also use some lubricating gel. This is certainly one of the sex shop accessories that is most often used in combination with the plug.

Nowadays, plugs are available in many designs and sizes. A particular advantage is that the stretch width can be easily determined with their help by inserting the toy either deeper or less deeply into the anus. Depending on personal taste, it can also remain there for the duration of foreplay. Some Butt Plugs are characterised by a special look. Once inserted, it looks as if the user is wearing a ponytail, for example. However, Plus is also available in a simple version or in the shape of a tongue. There seem to be almost no limits to the imagination here.