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Circumcision involves removing the foreskin from the glans


There are many reasons that can speak in favour of circumcision. Sometimes religious, sometimes health-related and sometimes also optical aspects play a role when the Foreskin removed. Many circumcisions take place when the child is still a baby or young child. Among other things, this is a tradition that is often associated with Judaism. However, there are also other religions that advocate circumcision.

But: not only believers have themselves or their children circumcised. A circumcised Penis is also found extremely attractive by many gays. Whether in connection with hand jobs or blow jobs: eroticism and aesthetics often meet directly here. In addition, a circumcised penis is often perceived as more hygienic, as less bacteria can spread here - assuming regular washing, of course.

Circumcisions are usually performed under local anaesthesia and are a classic routine procedure. Those affected should only take it easy for a few days afterwards. Complications are comparatively rare. Those who focus on hygiene and sufficient aftercare are usually quickly "fit for action" again.

Among other things, circumcision is also performed in the case of a Foreskin constriction performed. If you wait too long before having the procedure, you risk severe pain. If the reasons for circumcision are not medical, the procedure is usually not covered by health insurance.

For many gays, however, a "clean" penis is worth paying for the operation out of their own pocket. Especially in combination with a visually appealing shape and length, sex should also become a little more varied in visual terms.