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The foreskin covers the glans of the uncircumcised penis. With a circumcised cock, it is surgically removed.

The foreskin represents a special part of the Penis represent. Its purpose is to Acorn and protect it accordingly. Some men decide to have the foreskin removed. Often religious or optical reasons are decisive. Sometimes, however, there is also a medical indication. The latter applies, for example, when a Foreskin constriction causes pain or inflammation. Sometimes this is already the case in early childhood. Some men, however, are afflicted with a narrowing of the foreskin at a comparatively late stage.

Some gays also use this special area of the cock to skilfully insert piercings here. Scene to set.

Whether a penis is perceived as more attractive with or without a foreskin depends on personal taste. A Tail with foreskin looks very pristine and offers the chance for special tongue play at the Blowjob. Many gays find a circumcised penis more attractive (and more hygienic). It can usually be cleaned more easily and is therefore less susceptible to infections.

For some men, the question "Is the foreskin still there or not?" is so meaningful that they ask specifically before a date and/or ask for dick pics.

The decision to engage in a Circumcision Saying goodbye to one's foreskin is usually associated with only a few risks. As a rule, this is a completely uncomplicated procedure that neither requires much aftercare nor causes much pain. In most cases, you can have sex again after just a few days.