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A narrowing of the foreskin can cause enormous pain for those affected. If the foreskin can no longer be pushed back, circumcision can help.

Foreskin stenosis is a painful problem, but it can be treated with the help of an Circumcision can be quickly remedied. Here the Foreskin then removed.

In many cases, foreskin stenosis is diagnosed at a young age, sometimes even as a baby. Sometimes, however, adults are also affected. In this case, the symptoms can quickly develop into a psychological problem. Because: Sex with an existing constriction and the corresponding pain are almost impossible.

It is clear that the treatment of foreskin stenosis should not be postponed for too long. A quick procedure saves the affected person a lot of pain and possibly also consequential damage. In addition, it is important to remember that Circumcision This is usually a completely uncomplicated procedure that does not usually have any side effects. After only a few days, the wound pain is usually gone and the Penis is "ready for action" again. Depending on why the circumcision was performed or has to be performed, the costs are covered by the relevant health insurance fund. However, those who do not need the procedure for medical reasons usually pay for it themselves.

Whether due to a narrowing of the foreskin, for visual or religious reasons: a circumcised penis is attractive to many men and - by the way - is also very easy to care for. Due to the fact that the foreskin is completely missing, the risk of infection is usually lower. Understandable! After all, bacteria have less of a chance to take hold here.