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During coitus, the penis is inserted into a body orifice. This usually refers to classical sex.

When "coitus" is mentioned, most people certainly think of sex. But: strictly speaking, "coitus" is used to refer to anything in connection with which the erect male is Tail is inserted into a body orifice.

Therefore, oral sex, for example, is also considered coitus. Some experts even go one step further by including, for example, petting and all kinds of intimate contact under this term.

In short: the boundaries for what is generally called "coitus" may well be fluid.

But which types of coitus are actually particularly popular then? For a long period of time, anal sex was THE type of coitus par excellence, which was associated with Gay Scene was connected. In the age of enlightenment and the LGBTQ Community, however, shows time and again that it would be wrong to shy away from thinking outside the box here.

For example, if you like fast sex and don't fancy the classic quickie, you can opt for oral sex, among other things. Not only straight men love to indulge themselves like this. For many, the famous Cumshot then represents the absolute non plus ultra.

In short: coitus is far more versatile than it might seem at first glance. Whether petting, armpit fucks and the like are also part of it is something everyone decides for themselves in the modern age. This means that if you are asked in a chat if you would like to have "coitus", it is okay to ask in which direction the fun should go.