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The colour code (or "hanky code") can help gay men recognise each other's sexual preferences at first glance.

Colour code

The colour code is also often referred to among gays as the Hanky Code is the name given to it. With its help (and a handkerchief in the appropriate colour and in the right place), sexual preferences can be identified at first glance - for insiders only, of course.

For example, putting the handkerchief in question in the left-hand back pocket indicates that one likes to take the active role in bed. Conversely, putting the handkerchief in the right, back pocket means that the passive role is preferred.

Nowadays, the colour code is mainly practised in larger cities and, for example, as part of special parties and has already become a real cult for many here.

As the name suggests, a lot can also be said with the selection of the corresponding colours. Gays who opt for a particularly light blue colour are attracted to Blowjob, red stands for Fisting and black for the BDSM range. However, there are many more colour nuances with which to search for a suitable partner. Also fans of special fetishes, such as faeces and "Golden shower", come here at their expense.

A closer look shows that it can make sense to deal with this special code. It not only offers a very special thrill, but also the possibility to exclude sex partners from the outset or to take a closer look.