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Hanky Code means - loosely translated - "handkerchief code" and indicates the sexual preferences of gays.

The Hanky Code is a wonderful way to show another gay what you like in bed. Depending on whether the "Hanky", i.e. the handkerchief, is carried in the left or right back pocket, for example, it is possible to read off whether the person in question is more active or passive is. If the handkerchief is on the right side, the wearer prefers to be passive. If the handkerchief has been placed in the left back pocket, he likes to set the tone.

Of course, the colour of the respective handkerchief also plays a particularly important role. Thus, yellow stands for many preferences for "Golden shower" (i.e. urine), while pink for games with Dildo is used. Whoever wants to go for a light BDSM wears grey. Lover of Fisting reach for red, fans of oral sex for sky blue.

In the course of time, the Hanky Code has been expanded more and more, so that today every gay in search of his or her individual preference is likely to find what he or she is looking for.

But be careful! Especially in the countryside or in rural areas, the trend around the Hanky Code is rather less common. Those who want to make sure that their messages are properly received should visit parties in the big cities (and here in relevant clubs). Here, many gay men are usually familiar with the message behind the colours and the position of the "hankys".