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A cumface is a face that is covered to a large extent with fresh sperm.


Cumface is one of those sex practices that are generally perceived as dirty. The idea here is to make your partner feel Orgasm to squirt the sperm in the face. Sometimes the cumface is preceded by a typical Blowjob Sometimes the partner simply masturbates on the other person's face. While some people find the corresponding procedure degrading, others associate it with the symbol of the "perfect orgasm".

This technique is used among other things (but definitely not only) in porn. The viewers can thus convince themselves that the performer in question has actually come.

Many gays see a very special attraction in cumface, which manages to combine dirty sex with passion. Of course, cumfaces can also be seen in connection with gang bang parties. Among other things, it is possible for several men to provide the cumface for one sex partner.

Of course, the technique can also be mixed with other practices. A mix of cum face and cum shot is a popular combination for many. Here, the active part spreads his sperm not only on the face, but also partly in the mouth.

Sex games in which sperm in the facial area plays an important role enjoy particular popularity. Many gays are also specifically looking for partners in relevant sex chats who can fulfil their corresponding wishes - either active or passive - fulfil.