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The term "Schwuppenbrause" means prosecco or sparkling wine.

Gay bubbly is the colloquial term for sparkling wine or prosecco. Of course, the claim "All gay men love sparkling wine!" is a classic prejudice.

However, since sparkling wine or prosecco is perceived by many as a classic "women's drink" and many people are still of the opinion that gay men are feminine per se, a corresponding connection was made.

But: of course not every gay man can be enthusiastic about sparkling wine. Likewise, it would also be wrong, for example, to assume that every Straight would love to drink beer for his life.

The term Sissy is not a swear word, by the way! In fact, many gays often refer to each other affectionately as "faggot" without associating this with anything negative.

Among other things, "Schwuppenbrause" is often served at sex parties. With a little alcohol in the blood, many people feel a little more self-confident anyway and are thus sometimes more able to approach the other person. However, how the consumption of "Schwuppenbrause" then affects (possibly subsequent) sex is up to the individual.

Many gays who - slightly drunk - sleep with their partner become bolder and sometimes also a little more steadfast. However, the exact opposite can also be the case!

However, the dandruff shower is excellent in many cases to help with the Flirt to break the ice. It's often easy to get to know the other person a little better over a glass of wine. And who knows? Maybe it would be a good idea to integrate the drink directly into the sex? How about a little fizzy drink from the belly button or the shoe? Sometimes it's worthwhile to think outside the box.