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A gay man is often called a faggot - usually by other gays. This is a belittlement rather than a swear word.

While faggot is a swear word, gay is more of an affectionate term for a gay man. Gays often address each other as "faggot", but do not usually associate this with negative feelings.

On the contrary! Sissy" can be a thoroughly affectionate and at the same time flirtatious expression.

Unfortunately, however, the term is sometimes used by straight people in a negative context, for example in bullying. As is so often the case, it is therefore important to always consider the context when classifying the term. Dandruff shower.

However, a classic poof is not only characterised by her Gay They are not only gay, but also have other character traits, such as their kindness and (often) feminine touch. Many gay men also belong to the close circle of friends of straight men. They are appreciated not only for their fashionable chic, but also for their sense of humour.

One thing is certain: even if the word "Schwuppe" is somewhat reminiscent of "faggot" in terms of its sound, it is rather an affectionate contrast to the swear word. With a touch of self-irony and a great deal of joie de vivre, "Schwuppe" often expresses exactly the individual attitude to life of the "Schwuppe". LGBTQ Scene off.

Anyone who is gay accordingly and who is not wanted by his friends (regardless of whether gay or straight) is addressed as "faggot", this does not necessarily have to be interpreted negatively. On the contrary, this kind of address can be used to show appreciation for an individual. Pride lifestyle, which in turn can be enjoyed in a special way.