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Edging means bringing your partner almost to orgasm, but stopping just before you come.


Edging, the stimulation until just before the OrgasmIt can be fun and quite appealing. However, depending on how long the technique is practised, it can also be frustrating, sometimes even painful.

Therefore, it is self-explanatory why many gays (and straights) who have already tried out edging have attributed the procedure to the area of BDSM assign. Precisely because here, within the framework of various Role plays If you are NOT sleeping together, edging is a way to further intensify the power play between you.

However, if you want and enjoy it, you can also try out edging while masturbating. The principle is the same: always stop just before orgasm. Often the intensity of the come can be increased even more. Sometimes, however, it can't. Everyone reacts differently here.

But be careful! Men in particular can also suffer damage from edging. It is possible that the testicles turn blue over time ("blue balls"). At the latest then it is time to get relief. Otherwise, the pain usually increases quickly.

However, if you just love to "tease" yourself a little by stimulating and taking regular breaks, you are usually not taking any risks. Nevertheless: every body is different and the technique can definitely be associated with a high level of stress (for blood pressure, among other things) and should always be used with caution.