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Enema is another word for enema. This technique is used to cleanse the intestines.

Many know the term enema from the medical field. However, the technique around bowel cleansing can also play an important role in sexual terms. This is especially true when the bowel is cleansed with the help of a Anal shower is cleaned.

Enema is often used here as a synonym for "colonoscopy" and is supposed to help raise the standard of hygiene during sex. For many gays, enema is part of the preparation for sex.

The Enema By the way, this can also be integrated into foreplay. Many gay men find it extremely erotic to perform an enema on the other person. The corresponding equipment is now part of the assortment of well-stocked sex shops. A wide selection ensures that it is by no means boring. For example, there are now enemas that have several openings and other "extras" and can be used as a classic enema. Toy can be used.

With most models, it is sufficient to attach the shower hose accordingly to the Anal shower and turn on the water at the desired temperature. By removing sweat and excrement residues, nothing then stands in the way of visually appealing pleasure.

Many fans of Dirty Talk / sex, however, deliberately do without the enema. After all, they want to achieve just the opposite during anal sex, a - literally - dirty atmosphere.

Especially in the porn industry and due to the fact that sexy close-ups are almost always in focus here, the enema has long been standard.

In the medical field, the Enema plays an important role in certain operations and during childbirth, among other things.