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Exhibitionism means to show oneself in front of others - naked and/or having sex.


Exhibitionism is about showing oneself naked. Exhibitionists get turned on by, for example, taking their clothes off and surprising people in the street. In another form, they have sex in public. They know that they will be seen and feel great pleasure in this.

Corresponding inclinations can - quite legally - be lived out in a swingers' club or at corresponding parties. Here come like-minded people together who love to watch each other perform sexual acts. The same applies, of course, when viewers are invited to a cruising adventure via a chat. The opportunities to show off are many and varied. In many situations, some lack Exhibitionists but exactly the kick they need. They don't want the person opposite to expect a corresponding reaction and value the above-mentioned element of surprise. Therefore, they spontaneously open their coat to observe the astonished faces of the passers-by. Their excitement is usually clearly visible to them.

Some people who have been victims of an exhibitionist are traumatised. On the one hand, they have problems coming to terms with what they have experienced and, on the other hand, they are afraid of becoming a victim a second time. There is also a fear that a Exhibitionist could develop into a rapist often persists and in some cases is not unfounded.

Since exhibitionists attach great importance to shocking people, they are usually out and about in broad daylight. Especially against the background that people with this Fetish often do not shy away from exposing themselves to families, it is important to call the police if you have any suspicions.