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Femme is French and stands for "woman" or female lesbian.

Admittedly: It is a social prejudice that in a lesbian relationship one male and one female role must always be assigned. Nevertheless, there are of course - as with heterosexuals - women here who seem either particularly feminine or particularly masculine.

While a masculine Lesbian by many gays as "ButchWhile a lesbian is referred to as a "woman", many refer to a female lesbian as a "femme". This is often characterised by long hair, large breasts and other typical attributes. Many femmes also consciously play with their charms, for example by putting on particularly feminine make-up. In contrast to the Drag Cult, however, the make-ups in question do not look overly feminine, but can often be combined with a classic everyday look.

The term "femme" can also be read again and again in personal ads and in dating chats. Those who are looking for a feminine-looking lesbian often state this on the corresponding platforms. Some sites have even specialised, among other things, in bringing together lesbians with the corresponding preferences.

Of course, it should never be forgotten that the term "femme" refers mainly to appearance and says little or nothing about the character of the person in question.

A look at the Scene shows that "femmes" and "butches" can come together in all constellations. Just as in heterosexual relationships, it is always the famous gut and heart feeling that decides whether and how well two people fit together.