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Gerontophilia refers to the sexual preference for older people. Within the gay scene, this refers to gays who are correspondingly attracted to older men.

Gerontophilia refers to sexual interest in older people. With regard to the Gay Scene the phenomenon shows up when a younger gay is attracted to a significantly older gay.

In principle, however, gerontophilia is not exclusive to the homosexual sphere. Also many Straight Constellations of this kind show time and again that love or sexual interest can indeed transcend generations.

There is no clear definition of when a relationship falls into the area of gerontophilia. Scientists often mention an age difference of about 50 years. Classic gerontophilia thus goes far beyond the typical "He's a little older than me! Here, one partner could actually be the grandfather of the other.

In connection with the term gerontophilia, however, misunderstandings can also arise. come. Because: the word is also used, among other things, to express the rape of an older person. However, this must of course be clearly distinguished from a consensual relationship between two gay men.

Gays who are enthusiastic about older men are usually attracted to their appearance, but also to their behaviour. A gerontophilia relationship does not always have to be of a purely sexual nature. Often it is the "mature character" of the older man or the unselfconscious nature of the younger man that makes them both feel attracted to each other and go against social conventions (in many ways).