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The abbreviation GLBT is often used for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and transsexual scene.

At a time when the gay and lesbian scene was always developing and here increasingly also Bisexualtransgender and co. (rightly) demanded their place, the Scene renamed themselves. This ensured that every group of people could actually receive attention.

The result: GLBT. GLBT stands for "Gay", "Lesbian", "Bi" and "Transgender". This term covers not only the corresponding groups of people, but also a very special attitude to life.

Many GLBT members are concerned with asserting their place within society and thus presenting themselves as a strong community (within a community). Due to the current developments around the discussions on Gender and Co., it can be assumed that the abbreviation will continue to change in the future. At present, many areas are also affected by the LGBTQ ("Q" for "queer") community to read.

The psychological effect that emanates from the corresponding designations should in no case be underestimated. Those who see themselves as part of a community also have the opportunity to express their own character more strongly and confidently.

Moreover, a corresponding grouping can help to stand up for one's own rights and bring about lasting changes in society. Whether against bullying, against discrimination or against social norms: the GLBT always impressively shows how colourful and versatile a community can be. The abbreviation and its representatives are of course also represented at relevant events, such as the CSD.