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Those who are in bondage submit to their partner - both in everyday life and sexually.

Generally speaking, there are two types of bondage. People can be in bondage to each other both sexually and with regard to general situations within the partnership.

Those who are cuckolds in bed love to submit - either consciously or unconsciously. In the classical sense, cuckolding here does not mean merely passive to be. Rather, bondage also plays a role in the context of the BDSM Play an important role. Sometimes gays love to be submissive in bed, even though this is not at all in keeping with their character in classic everyday life. During sex they then give up responsibility and find it hornyto be at the mercy of their partner - tied up, for example.

Being a slave in everyday life, on the other hand, can become a real problem. People who are in bondage submit completely to their partner. They try to please them and read their every wish from their eyes. It is precisely when this kind of dependency is exploited that dangerous (and psychologically stressful) situations often arise. The corresponding relationships can sometimes only be saved (if at all) through couples therapy. However, this kind of bondage is fundamentally different from the aforementioned experiences and practices during sex. Whereas in bed it is all about gaining pleasure, relationship-related cuckoldry usually focuses on the degradation of the weaker partner.

By the way: bondage can - on a sexual level - be wonderfully expressed in couple and Role plays can be built in. Especially when the partners use different toys from the sex shop for this purpose, particularly exciting situations often arise. Fans of slave games and co. come definitely get their money's worth here.