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A jockstrap is a special pair of pants that actually consists of only two "straps" and reveals the view of the wearer's bottom.

For many gays, the jockstrap is simply part of a sex party (or a full wardrobe). This is a special type of underwear that reveals a direct view of the wearer's ass.

In order for the complete construct to hold, it only needs two straps (and the corresponding front part). The straps are worn under the buttocks - more or less tightly, depending on your taste.

Through the size, the setting and the respective material, among other things, particularly horny feelings can be evoked in the wearer. In short: the jockstrap can spoil both the wearer and the spectators and is considered a "classic gay" accessory.

Many gays use the jockstrap, among other things, to draw attention to themselves at relevant sex parties and, for example, to skilfully put their arse into a jockstrap. Scene to set. In addition, this garment offers the possibility to get down to business quickly. come. A feature that can prove particularly advantageous in connection with cruising adventures. Here, this accessory has been a standard feature for a long time.

By the way, many Jocktrap fans also wear the "pants" under their jeans in everyday life to enjoy the special feeling of being "constricted" even better. How tight the so-called Jock The question of whether or not to wear it depends largely on the individual's feelings.

If you want to go one step further, you can also combine the jockstrap with long trousers, also with a corresponding neckline, and thus make a special statement at parties.