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Lubricating cream can make it easier for the penis to penetrate the anus (or vagina).

For many gays (and also for many straight men), lubricating cream or lube is an absolute standard in the bedroom. This is a cream that facilitates the penetration of the Penis into the anus (or vagina) should be facilitated. Especially when the Tail is particularly large, it is thus possible to make sex even more "uncomplicated".

Lubricating creams are offered by numerous manufacturers these days. Some products are more liquid than others, some offer a special scent. With a little research (and of course trial and error), everyone is sure to find their favourite quickly.

But be careful! Some lubricating gel products must not be used in combination with a Condom be used, as they can attack the surface of the rubber. Articles that can be used with condoms without any problems are usually labelled accordingly. If you are unsure, you should definitely ask the manufacturer concerned to avoid unpleasant surprises.

When looking for lubricant gel or cream, it is worth visiting a well-stocked sex shop or the internet. Here, gays and straights benefit from a wide selection.

There is (actually) no basic rule about when to use lube. Many gays use the corresponding products mainly in connection with big cocks or when they are having sex for the first time. Anal sex try it out. Often it can also be useful to use a little lubricant when inserting large dildos or vibrators.