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The English "master" can be translated as the German "Meister" and is often used in a sexual context in BDSM.

A master is often used in connection with the classic role-playing game. This is the Masterto which the passive part is at the mercy.

The classic master is characterised by his severity and the toys that go with it. He often ties up his slave to torture him, to insult him or to deliberately NOT make him come. Orgasm come to let

In short: a master can have many faces. However, anyone who wants to perfect the game around power and co. should definitely bring a lot of imagination with them. Otherwise it will be difficult to fill the role of the master with life.

Those who are looking for a master who will abuse, torture and humiliate them in many ways often find what they are looking for on the internet. Many masters and their slaves-to-be meet in chats and forums. A short conversation can then provide information about what the master expects from the slave (and vice versa).

Many masters have numerous accessories and techniques with which they can turn their victims on. Despite all the passion, however, a code word should always be used. This can be used by the Slave use when his master's practices become too brutal for him.

Some gays develop a real dependency - especially in connection with regular visits to their master. If this exceeds a healthy level and becomes pathological, it is important - also for the protection of the master - to get professional help at an early stage.