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The word milking is often used in gay slang for wanking.

Who is in the Gaydar-Scene milking" usually means the process of milking. Wank. A closer look reveals that there really do seem to be parallels between real milking and jerking off. After all, here, too, the milk is moved up and down until the liquid comes out.

Sperm also has a slightly milky colour. Accordingly, it is a perfectly plausible comparison, is it not?

By the way, milking can be used to describe both masturbation and the Handjob be meant. Some gays even find it more pleasant to be milked than to be fucked. Which practice is preferred, however, certainly always depends on the respective situation.

Milking is also a term that is often used in relevant chats, among other things. For example, if you don't feel like using classic words like "wank" or "jerk off", you can opt for this alternative. Most gays are then well aware of the direction in which the conversation is developing.

Milking yourself can be very relaxing and help relieve stress. It helps to get to know your own body better and can even - depending on the technique - help you to have a Orgasm to delay it further. In short: contrary to many prejudices that exist around masturbation and co., reporting is actually very healthy as a rule.

Some gays even meet regularly for so-called Jack Off Parties. Here (!) explicitly only milking is allowed. Sex, on the other hand, is forbidden! The guests have a special fondness for wanking or watching other people masturbate.