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Wet dreams are erotic dreams that can sometimes even lead to ejaculation

A "wet dream" is the phenomenon of a man or teenager having a wet dream while sleeping. Ejaculation has. He usually dreams about sex or other erotic experiences. The special thing about this is that in order to have a wet dream, the person concerned does not have to masturbate. Rather, the thoughts (and the dream) alone ensure that the Orgasm is triggered.

The reasons for wet dreams can be many and varied. Ejaculation at night is especially common among teenagers and men who do not have sex regularly. Sometimes, however, it happens "just like that".

Especially those who are in a committed partnership might be embarrassed by wet dreams towards their partner. come. If you want to counteract this a little, you can try to masturbate a little more. However, some men have a general tendency to wet dream. This is by no means something to be ashamed of. Wet dreams can sometimes be "fuelled" a little by daily routines. For example, those who are often occupied with porn or erotic literature and do not discharge their passion with a partner are often haunted by their thoughts at night and can give free rein to their dreams in their fantasies.

By the way: contrary to many prejudices, a wet dream is by no means an experience that only happens to men. Many women can also get wet during erotic dreams.

Usually they then either wake up horny or - through their thoughts alone - also come to orgasm.