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Mongolian is a sex practice in which one partner's penis is rubbed between the other partner's ass cheeks.

Many gays see Mongolian as a special change and a sexy alternative to classic anal sex. Because: here the Penis is not inserted into the partner's ass, but is "only" rubbed up and down between the buttocks.

Due to the large "grating surface", this creates a special kind of Penetration. If you want, you can of course switch to anal sex for the "grand finale".

Many gays use the mongolian technique as a kind of foreplay, some love to get like this every now and then. come. Due to the fact that bodily fluids are also exchanged, the use of a condom should not be dispensed with. Here there are also great possibilities with regard to different variants, such as "true to feel" or "with nubs", so that both get their money's worth.

If you want to increase the friction or pressure a little more during Mongolian sex, you can simply press your ass cheeks together a little from the outside (preferably with your hands). Sometimes the corresponding muscles are enough to stimulate the partner's penis a little more. For the latter technique, however, you need a little practice.

Among other things, some gays prefer to use a little lubricant during mongolian - just like during classic sex. Here, personal taste is the deciding factor.

Mongolian is suitable for all gays who feel like a special kind of penetration and may want to stretch the anal area first with an anal plug before penetration - parallel to rubbing.