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The term "penetration" comes from Latin and means "to enter".

Penetration means the penetration of one thing, object or body part into another. In the sexual sense, this means the penetration of the cock into the anus, vagina or mouth.

Or in other words: the sentence "He penetrated him with his Tail." usually means nothing other than "He fucked him." or "He spoiled him with a Blowjob."

But: the word "penetrate" or penetration does not have to occur only in a sexual context, of course. In other fields, too, for example in chemistry, it can also mean the penetration of one substance into another. come.

However, the term penetration is usually used in a sexual sense. However, many people understand it to mean - in general - the stroking or touching of erogenous zones. Even though petting and the like usually play a big role in penetration, it is actually wrong to speak of classic penetration here. Penetration is when one part of the body penetrates the other.

How long a penetration ultimately takes depends on several factors. If you feel like a quick Orgasm and has a corresponding quickie, often penetrates for a much shorter time than couples who can (at least theoretically) take the entire night.

The word "penetration" is mostly used in an educational context and is anything but colloquial. Many gays (and straights) would certainly be confused if they were suddenly told "Shall we penetrate each other?" in the context of a sex chat. On the corresponding platforms, experience has shown that things get a little harder (and more direct).