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Nude is English and stands for "naked", among other things also in the cosmetics industry.

The English word nude means naked. It plays an important role in many areas, including cosmetics, but also at relevant sex parties or among nudists. Some club operators have decided to allow their guests only nude access.

But what is actually so special about the nude trend? And why, among other things, are so many gays enthusiastic about being naked?

One thing is certain: nudity is naturally associated with a particularly high erotic factor. After all, it offers the opportunity to get straight down to business in a gay club, for example. come and to know at first glance what to expect. However, anyone travelling here had best have at least a little control over themselves. It doesn't always give a positive impression to be with a Erection to make their way through the party crowd.

Apart from sex adventures, however, many people also find it liberating to go swimming naked, for example, or to enjoy themselves "as God created them" at the NUDIST beach. But be careful! It is not allowed to live out your nude passion everywhere! On the contrary! Anyone who decides of their own accord to declare a section of beach a nude area can be prosecuted for "causing a public nuisance".

Therefore: only get naked if this is explicitly allowed or even desired!

Those who want to increase their nude attractiveness a little more often rely on body jewellery in the form of piercings. Nipple piercings are particularly popular among gays when it comes to attracting the attention of others.