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Pea freak is a swear word and refers to a punter who wants to pay very little.


A pea freak is a punter who expects to pay only small sums for sex with a Hustler or Callboy to have to pay. Mostly, this is the basic problem that the client in question does not appreciate the work of the callboy.

Pea Free Looking In Both Hustler And Upscale Callboy Scene for "victims". Due to the corresponding discussions, many service providers here have already switched to collecting their corresponding sums in advance.

In general, it is worthwhile - especially to avoid discussions with pea freelancers - and to clarify prices and "general conditions" as far as possible in detail in advance.

However, many pea johns nowadays shy away from negotiating on the spot. Instead, they often use the internet when it comes to contacting the johns and callboys. Here it is often easier for them to ask for dumping prices.

Unfortunately, the lack of money of some hustlers often forces them to accept the low prices and thus sell themselves below value. However, those who sleep with a john for too little money do not make friends in the scene either because of the competitive situation. Therefore, many call for stronger cohesion and a unified approach against the pea-less hustlers.

However, this is by no means a problem that would only occur within the gay scene. Nowadays, many female prostitutes also have to defend their prices against too stingy clients.