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Priapism is a permanent erection that lasts for several hours. If left untreated, priapism can lead to health problems.

The term priapism describes the medical phenomenon of a Permanent erection. Accordingly, one speaks of priapism when the Penis no longer slackens over a period of several hours.

What may sound very sexy and passionate at first can turn out to be a real problem in the second step. Priapism is not only painful, but can also have health consequences. In the worst case, those affected suffer from potency problems after permanent erection.

In general, however, the earlier priapism is treated, the better the chances that it will settle down again and no consequential damage will remain. If you notice a permanent erection, you should see your doctor as soon as possible. He or she can first look for the cause and then - ideally immediately - start treatment.

But: not every man who can fuck his partner for hours, for example, also suffers from a permanent erection at the same time! Moreover, it is usually not a problem - at least from a health point of view - if the penis gets hard from time to time during the day. Those who actually suffer from priapism quickly realise that with the corresponding Erection definitely NOT the pleasure is in the foreground. The pain can slowly increase and eventually become so severe that sufferers can no longer walk, sit or stand properly.

Even attempts to masturbate away the permanent erection or to take a cold shower then fail. In short: a visit to the doctor is unavoidable, but the treatment is far less serious than many fear.