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The Prince Albert piercing is a very special body jewellery that can easily become infected.

At the Prince Albert Piercing is a very special piercing. It starts at the exit of the urethra and ends at the lower edge of the Acorn.

Many people find this body jewellery very erotic. Nevertheless, it is also associated with a certain risk. Because of its special position, the Prince Albert piercing can easily catch fire.

Hygienic pricking and careful enquiry are the be-all and end-all when it comes to avoiding difficulties and complications afterwards.

Depending on personal taste, various pieces of jewellery can be used in connection with the Prince Albert Piercing. In addition to particularly eye-catching accessories, it is always the plain pieces of jewellery that ensure that this body jewellery becomes a real highlight.

As with regard to many different types of Intimate piercing's is also true for the Prince Albert Piercing that it is quite capable of increasing the fun of sex. Especially with the Blowjob it quickly becomes clear how pleasurable it can be to let your imagination run wild here.

Many men find the Prince Albert piercing painful. Nevertheless, it is not possible to speak here of a generally valid, extremely high sensation of pain. Of course, every body reacts differently. The search for a piercer who offers this type of body jewellery can, however, become a bit of a challenge. Not all "piercers" offer piercing in this special area.