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An intimate piercing is a piercing in the intimate area.

Many gays love it, for example, their Tail or decorate their nipples with an intimate piercing. With this special piece of jewellery it is possible to make the corresponding parts of the body a little more conspicuous in Scene to set.

Furthermore, it quickly becomes apparent that there is no such thing as the classic intimate piercing. Instead, there are - especially on the Penis - many options, of stitching. Some men also prefer to be able to choose not just one but several jewellery accessories.

However, it is a prejudice that piercing this type of piercing would cause particularly severe pain. As is so often the case, this depends on the individual's perception of pain. In addition, every intimate piercing requires hygienic aftercare. This is the only way to prevent inflammation and wound healing problems.

However, many gays use the intimate piercing not only as a visual factor, but also as a pleasure-enhancing factor. Because: depending on personal preference, it can also be that sex (and everything that goes with it) with Piercing more fun.

Especially in connection with Blowjob and co., interesting scenarios can develop here that ensure that none of the people involved would want to miss the piercing any more.

In addition, the selection of jewellery has grown over time. In addition to classic rings, plugs and the like are also available.

Despite all the enthusiasm for intimate jewellery, it should never be stung yourself. Instead, professional, hygienic studios are the right people to contact when it comes to safely placing the various "works of art".