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The prince's sceptre is a piercing that runs through the urethra. Due to this "special" location, the risk of inflammation is very high.

A prince's sceptre is a PiercingThe jewellery is inserted in the area of the urethra. Most pieces of jewellery are about seven centimetres long and are made of stainless steel - if only for reasons of hygiene.

In the first step, this so-called prince's ovipositor is inserted into the urethra and then attached to a ring behind the urethra. Acorn to be fastened.

Many gays love the special look that comes with this kind of body jewellery. But be careful! Depending on the design of the prince's sceptre, it is quite possible that condoms will be damaged during sex! Therefore, it is always safer to remove the sceptre before sex.

As with other intimate piercings, the prince's sceptre should of course only be stitched under hygienically perfect conditions. Meticulous aftercare can also prevent inflammation from forming.

Due to the position of the prince's sceptre, many men find the pricking or fixing particularly painful. After healing, however, the body jewellery can usually be worn without any complications. Especially in bed, it quickly becomes a visual highlight.

Nowadays, prince's sceptres are offered in many different variations. Some even ensure that the sperm is "diverted" or takes a certain direction. These are popular gimmicks for anyone who feels like making sex (and the Orgasm) to become a little more varied.

As with other piercings, "do-it-yourself" experiments should definitely be avoided! Prince scepters should only be pierced by professionals under sterile conditions!