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The letter S indicates a penis size, in this case small with up to 11 cm.

As with various items of clothing, the following applies to the Penisthat its size can be indicated in letters. In this context, the letter S stands for small and describes a length of up to 11 cm.

Especially in chats, such abbreviations can be used to convey the information that the virtual counterpart is interested in as uncomplicatedly as possible. After all, many gays want to protect themselves from buying the famous "pig in a poke". Those who know from the outset that the size of the cock is particularly important to them should - especially in sex chat - ask beforehand.

Nevertheless, it would definitely be wrong to jump to conclusions in preparation for a real date with an S penis. Because even a comparatively small penis can be exciting in bed. After all, size says nothing at all about sturdiness. Many men with a small penis even make a special effort to satisfy the other. Accordingly, it can be worthwhile to jump over one's shadow a bit and fuck a man with a small penis. Who knows? Maybe a positive surprise awaits?

When it comes to contraception, the same applies to S-cocks as to other penis sizes: The Condom must of course fit. While men with an XL penis often also have to rely on larger rubbers, come Men with an S penis usually have no problem with the standard version.