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The word "siff" comes from "siffig" and refers to something that is unwashed and dirty. This can also be a sexual preference.

If you're into siff, you love dirty, stinky sex. For Siff fetishists, showering before sex is an absolute no-go. Instead, they love to smell and feel the other person's sweat on their skin.

This is a special Fetishwhich emphasises the primal, dirty nature of sex. Many people find siff, especially when it goes beyond the level of normal body odour, disgusting.

If you want to intensify your personal siff feeling a little more before sex, you have various options. Among other things, you should - as already mentioned - refrain from showering. The use of perfume is also "forbidden". A particularly intense smell of sweat, which many people find quite a turn-on, can also be caused by extended physical activity, among other things.

In extreme cases, however, the fetish around siff and co. also poses a hygienic (and thus health) problem. The mix of not showering for days and the direct contact with TailOtherwise, the mouth, anus and the like can be a dangerous source of bacteria.

The right environment can also play an important role in the Siff trend. Who wants to fuck completely filthy but in a freshly made bed? If you want to get a special kick out of it, you can of course also have sex in the appropriate places, for example on a Glory Hole at a rest stop or in a car park. What exactly is meant here as horny The question of what is perceived to be the best is, of course, always also decided by personal taste or the individual siff pain threshold.