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Spichsen" refers to the inconspicuous observation of penises, for example in the sauna.

The term "spanking" refers to the inconspicuous observation of penises. Many gays can be observed doing this in sex clubs or sex saunas, among other places. While some use spanking to compare the length of the other person's penis with their own, others use it as a way of Penis Others use observation as a turn-on or as part of a flirt offensive.

Different reactions are conceivable, depending on whether the person being looked at perceives the taunting as a compliment or not. Sometimes a sexy One Night StandSometimes the Spichser receives a more or less severe rebuff.

Spiking can also be super used for getting to know each other with sexual intentions - provided the appropriate environment is in place. The message behind a look at the Tail of the man next to him is, after all, unambiguous. By the way, men with a large penis are particularly often spiked. In these moments, the mental cinema often starts. Sometimes, however, it is also the famous "chemistry" between two people that ensures that they find each other attractive and appealing - apart from the size of the penis.

However, if you want to prevent embarrassing situations, you should pay attention to the signals that the person you are taunting is sending. Does he look back? Does he turn away? All these factors can help you to sound out your own chances.

In sex clubs and at relevant parties, jerking off often even goes so far that people jerk off to watch at the same time. But be careful! If you are in a "normal sauna", you should of course know your limits! Otherwise, jerking off can even be interpreted as sexual harassment.