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Being taboo means having (almost) no restrictions with regard to partners and sexual preferences. This is especially true with regard to different practices.

Being with someone who is into taboo-free sex can be particularly varied for the partners concerned. As the name suggests, there are few taboos here with regard to sex life.

No matter whether BDSM or Flower sex: within the respective partnerships, there are few things that are not at least tried out over time. This includes, among other things, practices from areas that are considered by others to be "perverted" or particularly "dirty" can be viewed.

Those who are looking for taboo sex often visit relevant sex clubs (either alone or with their partner). Here, among other things, there is the possibility to live out one's preferences in special rooms.

However, the relationship with someone who is taboo can - depending on personal preference - also be demanding and exhausting. After all, there is sometimes pressure here to want to fully satisfy the needs of the other person. The danger of neglecting one's own wishes or listening too little to oneself is then comparatively high.

But: within a partnership, the taboo variant also offers the wonderful opportunity to experience almost all areas of sexuality.

A sex relationship with a taboo-free partner is not suitable for everyone. However, if you want to have sex with your loved one (or a One Night Stand) is on the same wavelength, can benefit in many ways and discover the partnership anew again and again. Thus, it will certainly not be boring.