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Fag fizz is another term for sparkling wine or prosecco. This alludes to the image of the rather feminine gay man.

Tuntenbrause is another term for sparkling wine or prosecco. If you want to understand the logic behind this term, you have to delve a little deeper into the matter and "pick apart" the word a little.

What is actually a Fag? By definition, a faggot is a gay man with a feminine touch. This touch can be seen in his behaviour as well as in his appearance. In addition, many women (and gays) are said to like drinking champagne or prosecco. Of course, this is to a large extent a prejudice. Not every gay man likes sparkling wine, nor does every woman! But: image plays a decisive role here.

Tuntenbrause is used in the context of many events of the LGBTQ Scene Just like beer, water and the like. However, there are certainly few drinks that enjoy such a high cult status within the community.

The variants that are available in connection with fag fizz are versatile. Not only can the different brands be used, but also other extras such as special colours, decorative glasses and fruits as decoration. Many gays also use the popular fag fizz as the basis for a delicious punch.

Whether it's to get you in the mood for a merry evening or at the FlirtFor many, fag fizz is simply part of celebrating and having fun. If you want to be a little more individual with your guests, you can of course also offer the non-alcoholic version.