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Which home fitness workout is best for me in the age of Corona?


Which Fitness Workout is Best for Me

The period of (partly self-imposed) quarantine has left its mark on many people. Due to the closure of gyms, there was a tendency to do less sport, and at the same time many people increased their daily calorie intake.

So it's high time to declare war on the extra kilos! But how? Sport "like back then before Corona" is not yet possible, especially in fitness clubs and associations.

While some are comfortable with the new conditions, others are still looking for the "perfect alternative". The good news is that the following checklist makes it easy to find out which workouts are suitable for which type of exerciser.

Jogging: ideal for individual sports fans with an ambitious endurance goal

The hearts of many runners seemed to break at the latest when it became clear that the big marathons of the summer would not take place. However, many did not let themselves be dissuaded from their passion, entered their times in virtual lists and thus often managed not to lose any of their fitness.

But even those who are not yet enthusiastic about jogging outdoors still have the opportunity to swap the forest track for the treadmill from the gym (see below).

This sport is ideal for anyone who:

  • have no problem with bad weather
  • want to see progress quickly
  • Happy to run alone and able to keep motivated even when motivation is waning.

Of course, if you want, you can also run with friends or your sweetheart. In connection with running groups, however, it should be ensured that everyone has at least a similar level of fitness.

Finally the gay version of "Take Me Out" arrives

The gym: different, but no less effective

As soon as you enter a gym during the Corona period, it becomes clear that a lot has changed here. The equipment is further apart, hands have to be disinfected.

However, most of the clubs have decided to maintain their offer in general and to offer courses again, among other things.

Those who would like to take part should just make sure to be at the start a little earlier, if necessary. Otherwise, there may be no more space in the class in question or all the machines may already be occupied. It can therefore be worthwhile to visit the gym before work rather than at peak times.

The Home Gym: Variety in the fight against the pounds and the inner pig dog

Sports fans who do not have enough space to set up their own home gym can, among other things, rely on a tried and tested classic: fitness videos. Nowadays, these are offered in many variations - for beginners and advanced users - and offer the chance to train every muscle of the body.

Depending on the provider, the various programmes can be linked to an app so that progress can be tracked at the same time.

A great opportunity for all those who are interested in:

  • a largely free allocation of time during training
  • a meticulous documentation of progress
  • Modern, virtual training content
  • An extremely wide range of courses and exercises to inspire.
Very important: the mental workout!

The Corona crisis has probably taken a toll on the mental and psychological well-being of even the most laid-back people. Accordingly, it is currently more important than ever to take care of one's mind and to provide a little endorphin booster every now and then.

Lindenstraße and the LGBTQ scene

Whether meditation or sex with the partner plays an even greater role than before is up to one's own preferences. However, it has become more important than ever to focus on the essentials, personal happiness and all that enriches the quality of life even more. Those who neglect neither mind nor body will surely quickly realise that both areas belong together anyway and - especially in these difficult times - want to be cared for.

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