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Preventing partner and family disputes: How to keep Christmas harmonious

Christmas stress

The festival of love... or not because of the Christmas stress? One thing is certain: Christmas is just around the corner! Many are looking forward to a harmonious Christmas, "corona-compliant" of course, but with their loved ones.

Unfortunately, it happens all too often that a meticulously planned event often turns into a small (or large) family tragedy. Fortunately, there are a few helpful tips that can help maintain harmony in any household - even and especially at Christmas.

Christmas stress - Why can it actually get so uncomfortable at the "festival of love"?

Experts assume that the frequent Christmas stress is mainly linked to the high expectations of a particularly harmonious family gathering.

And in fact, many date nights also show: the more it is assumed that the upcoming evening will be "perfect", the more likely the harmonious atmosphere can be destroyed by small "mistakes". In many cases, the argument is already pre-programmed.

Tip No. 1: A look at the guest list

In the first step, it makes sense to think about who should be invited to the feast in the first place (or - in corona times - may be invited). Above all, current disputes should definitely be taken into account here.

If you know from the outset that two people absolutely do not want to sit together at the table, you can also plan an event on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and divide up the festivities. This way, the potential for conflict can be quickly minimised. Many guests show understanding for this or are even particularly grateful.

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Tip no. 2: Communicate with each other

Not only in bed, but also in normal everyday life, it makes sense to talk about your wishes and needs and to be honest with your partner.

Such an approach not only saves time, but also certainly one or two disappointments.

With Christmas in mind, not only the "big issues" can (and should) be addressed, but also apparent details such as the decorations. Communication is the be-all and end-all in any relationship - whether with your partner or your family. And after all, every guest and host should feel comfortable on Christmas Eve, right?

Tip no. 3: Lower expectations

Almost everyone dreams of the "perfect" Christmas. Every year, Hollywood and the like show exactly what this should look like. But anyone who tries to live up to this ideal misses out on the real celebration and runs the risk of being quickly disappointed.

A nice side effect: when expectations are low, the mood usually remains much more relaxed and small "mistakes" by guests, such as a broken glass or discussion starters relating to trivialities, no longer constitute a reason to start an argument.

The authenticity factor also plays an important role in this context. For example, someone who normally sits rather casually on the couch should not stress themselves unduly by inviting a large part of the family to the "gala dinner".

Tip no. 4: Prepare for the job as "Christmas stress mediator

Unfortunately, some disputes cannot be avoided even at the festival of love. Emotions often run high. All the better if a mediator is on site "incognito". This way, the discussion can often be quickly nipped in the bud.

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Humour, according to the motto: "Today is the festival of love, you can still argue on the other 364 days!

Even if, as a mediator, something wrong should have slipped out, it is of course important to apologise if necessary.

Tip no. 5: Entertainment

If you provide sufficient activities and a minimum of entertainment, you can avoid arguments. This is because the individual's concentration is focused on the game and the likelihood of sensitive topics being brought up is low. Board games or a DVD evening can also provide the necessary entertainment.

So nothing stands in the way of a relaxed (and varied) Christmas Eve.


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