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Bean Queens are gay Asians or whites who can get excited about black gays


Bean Queens prove time and time again how versatile and varied the Gay Scene can be. While she herself from Asia come or have a white skin colour, they are especially attracted to black gays. This special mix, which is of course first and foremost visually striking, is often used in porn films, among other things. But bean queens also play an important role in classic gay everyday life.

Whether in clubs or in connection with other offers, they are on the lookout for black men. But what actually fascinates them so much here? Often it is the mix of exoticism and perhaps also the desire for a big Tailwhich tempts them to orient themselves accordingly here. Sometimes, however, it is certainly "only" an optical preference.

Many Bean Queens have real "insider tips" where it might be particularly worthwhile to go in search of a black ONS or a partnership. They often get their money's worth especially in big cities. Relevant chats are also promising. Here, bean queens and black gays often have the opportunity to get to know each other.

The history behind the term is not completely clear. Possibly a white bean is associated with it? One thing is certain: "bean queens" is now one of the terms that enjoys a particularly high profile in the gay scene. Almost every black gay knows what is meant by this.