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Boys' cream" is the term used to describe the man's sperm


The sperm of the gay man can also be called boy's cream, among other things. If you take a closer look at this special liquid, you will know why. After all, it is often a white, slightly solid mass. Cream, that is!

However, boy's cream can also come in different varieties. Some "cream types" are more liquid, others more solid. Some are characterised by a particularly pure white, while others seem almost transparent. In short: the classic boy's cream does not exist!

What can't be denied, however: Boyscream sounds much cooler than "sperm". Perhaps this is also the reason why this term has also found its way into many films in the porn industry.

Especially fans of Dirty Talk come here at their expense.

Depending on your personal taste, there is usually nothing to stop a healthy man (!) from adding the boy's cream after the Blowjob to swallow. Many gays have adopted special techniques to ensure that as little (or, of course, as much) sperm as possible is tasted. (Alternatively, gays can swallow the boys' cream after the Orgasm spit it out again, of course).

But be careful! Swallowing sperm or contact between sperm and mouth can also cause diseases, such as Aids, can be transmitted! If you are ill, you must inform your partner before sex so that further precautions can be taken. Thanks to the convincing fastness to sensation of modern condoms, blowjobs can of course also be performed quite uncomplicatedly in the "Safe Variant" can be enjoyed.