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The urethra can be dilated with a dilator.


A dilator is actually a medical instrument. However, because of its possible uses, it is also being used more and more often as a sex toy. With this device it is possible to stretch the urethra. This is exactly what many men (not only gays) find extremely stimulating. Some of them come so even to the Orgasm.

From a purely visual point of view, a dilator is not a particular highlight. The rounded metal rod looks comparatively plain. However, when it is inserted into the urethra, it can - depending on your preference - contribute enormously to an increase in pleasure.

Despite all the passion, it is still important to always proceed with caution and care. Precisely because the urethra is a particularly sensitive area, injuries can otherwise occur quickly.

In addition, it is of course essential to pay attention to a particularly high level of hygiene. However, the dilator is considered by many to be a better alternative than the finger. Most models are made of medical stainless steel and are therefore easy to clean.

In the meantime, the use of dilators also plays a particularly important role in relevant clubs. Those who want to secure their model for home will often also find it in sex shops, here mostly in the BDSM Department, found.

Another advantage: dilators and urethral stimulation can also be combined with role-playing. It's often the mix of tension, pain and horniness that ensures that after the first use, the passion for this special toy is awakened. Toy also during masturbation.